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Childbirth Prep
Childbirth Preparation Classes
" Childbirth Preparation Classes  will prepare you for the normal experience of labor and birth."
- The anatomy and physiology of these processes are explored while learning to cope with      the discomforts of pregnancy and labor are also addressed.

- Time is allocated to practice positioning options, use of the birthing ball, massage               techniques, and relaxation skills  such as: breathing, focal point and visualization.

- Labor support skills are also examined and then practiced.

- Emergency childbirth, possible medical interventions, Caesarean section and VBAC        (vaginal birth after caesarean section) are covered.

- Hypno birthing and water birthing are also discussed.

- Your questions are always welcomed.

Childbirth Preparation early in your pregnancy, is greatly encouraged.  Please consider enrolling shortly after the beginning of the second trimester (about 20 weeks).  The classes will allay many fears and concerns and will allow ample time for skill development. We can then be available as  resource or support for the remainder of your pregnancy.
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