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     ' Welcome to a Place of Nurturing '
Baby or Infant Massage is the art of communicating love through touch. It is a communication process between parent(s) and child and not a massage treatment by an outsider.

Clincal evidence demonstrates that nurturing touch has a positive impact on the subsequent growth and development of an infant.  In fact, Infant Massage:

     -  Strengthens respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions.
     -  Supports development/organization of the nervous system and the brain      -  Enhances and normalizes muscle tone. 
     -  Encourages early vocalization.    
     -  Promotes deeper/longer sleep patterns.  
     -  Creates healthy parent-infant attachment and bonding. 

Infant Massage Classes give special attention to understanding the concept of baby states and interpreting infant cues for optimum interaction with parents. Class attendees will also learn infant massage techniques and also about long term relational benefits.
Instruction is given in small group sessionsprivate classes  are available.
 Nurturing Touch for Newborns
 *   One-Day Continuing Education Workshop 
10 CAPPA CEU available
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