Pregnancy Massage
This full body massage session relieves aches and pains by focusing on specific areas of discomfort and facilitates an overall state of relaxation.  Many woman report a lessening of back, neck and shoulder pain, better sleep patterns and even an improved self-image following a massage.  A recent study by the Touch Research Institute showed that massage reduced anxiety in pregnant women and improved mood overall. For maximum effect, a one hour session is recommended.
Postpartum Massage

The focus of this full body massage is on releasing of birth tension and the facilitation of body realignment.  Special attention is given to neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs and feet.  This can be done as soon as three days after and up to three months from delivery.  For maximum effect, a one hour session is recommended.

Massage Therapy
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Low Back Pain Relief
This is a half hour of neuromuscular massage that concentrates on relief of low back pain.  Women, by nature of body structure and build, experience low back discomfort throughout the childbearing years and beyond.  The low back is definitely  challenged by "women's work".  In addition, long periods of sitting or standing may also impact the lower back.
Head, Neck and Shoulder Release
A half hour massage, this addresses those muscle structures used in bending over, reaching out, lifting, carrying, and prolonged holding of infants, particularly with regards  to feeding, breast or bottle.  Tension held in this region is often referred to as a "stiff neck".  Headaches may ensue, as well.
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