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 Doula is a Greek word meaning "woman's servant". Coming into the family home during the fourth trimester, the postpartum doula's role is to provide education, non-judgemental support, encouragement and assistance with newborn care and family adjustment. She is truly a facilitator at a very transitional time.

Research indicates - those new parents who have support and feel secure and cared for during this period of time - are more successful in adapting to the demands of parenthood. Her presence allows parents and siblings, alike, to integrate the baby into the family in a loving, calm and gentle way.  
 A  Postpartum Doula  is trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn characteristics, infant care and development and the promotion of parent-infant bonding.  She is knowledgeable about infant feeding (breast or bottle, emotional and physical recovery from chilbirth, infant soothing techniques, infant massage and coping skills for parents.  As part of the healthcare team, She is available to make referrals to quality care providers; such as lactation consultants, pediatricians, counselors, and certain support groups when appropriate or when requested.
The role of the postpartum doula must also be very flexible. She will come along side the parent(s) and together help decide what kind of support their family may need. Some families need educational support concerning breastfeeding, infant care, infant CPR and the care of the new mother. Others may come to rely on the non-judgemental emotional support a postpartum doula has to offer. Still others have very practical needs, like feeding the family and running errands. Most families will find that their doula will "step to the plate", and meet any of their needs, as they tend to develop. 
           A Doula may:
- Do grocery shopping with or for the mother
- Run errands with/for the mother
- Give a gentle and relaxing foot or back massage
- Teach infant massage techniques to mother for baby comfort and bonding.
- Instruct family in Infant CPR
- Demonstrate Baby Wearing techniques
- Make suggestions for resources, referrals and networking
- With permission, answer questions of family members/visitors 

           A  Doula will not:
- Provide medical advice or make health assesments.
- Tell the mother what she should do
- Replace the father of the family - but work alongside in support. 
- Act as a maid or a nanny (even though you may assist in these areas).
- Do 100% of the baby care but, rather, assist the mother in caring for her baby. 
   Above all.....
A Postpartum Doula is a trained, certified professional and there to "mother the mother". Her main job is to help ease the mother's transition into motherhood, thereby, allowing her body to remain focused on healing from the process of birth. The doula provides physical, emotional, informational and practical support to the new mother and her family.  
     A Doula will: 
- Keep the mother fed and well hydrated.
- Assist with breastfeeding education and comfort measures.
- Educate family members on how  to "mother the mother"
  via modeling, demonstration and explanation.
- Teach/model newborn care.
- Play with the siblings and help with sibling transition.
- "Baby-sit" while mom rests/plays or cuddles with older
- Run interference and insulate the family from phone
- Answer parent questions.
- Prepare light meals; keep kitchen tidy.
- Organize nursery items; keep "changing stations" tidy.
- Do baby laundry. 
 Postpartum Doula Services 
   By "mothering the mother", the postpartum doula helps her recover from the pregnancy and birth; and then conserve energy - enabling her to focus on bonding with her new baby.
Basic Care Package
( Minimum 4 hour shifts )
  8 Hr ------------------            $  240.00
12 Hr ------------------            $  300.00
24 Hr ------------------            $  600.00
36 Hr ------------------            $  800.00

                           Additional Information

Prenatal Intake​ / Consultation Fee               $  50.00

A deposit of $75.00 is required to reserve calendar space.
Services are normally provided between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm with a maximum of 8 hrs per day.
Extra hours beyond purchased package are billed at $30.00/hr as
are evening rates. Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Deluxe Care Packages 
( Minimum 4 hour shifts )
  Basic Care Package Plus:
            a. One hour massage
                    and / or
            b. Other selections from
                 a la carte items                     
Full Postpartum Body Massage (1 hr)......   $ 100.00
Lactation Consultation (1 hr) ......                $   50.00
Infant Massage Instruction (2 hr)......          $   50.00
Infant CPR Instruction with  kit (1 hr).....     $   50.00
Moby Wrap with Instruction (1hr).......         $   50.00
A la Carte Items
    May be added to any Basic Care Package
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 Postpartum Doula Trainings 
MotherNurture Postpartum Doula Care and Services

Are now offered in Augusta-Richmond, Columbia, Aiken and Edgefield Counties of the 
        Central Savannah River Area with the following guidelines: